This is a family life-saver during those times when kids are hungry and you need an instant meal. Just add their favorite milk and you get happy campers. You may also sprinkle granola on yogurt topped with some fresh fruits and it’s a healthy snack! You can be creative with […]

We have the most beautiful summer this year as far as I could remember. We have been enjoying the rain with the sun and our strawberries are really giving us good harvest compared to last year. This only means though that we have to spend more time under the sun […]

  How My Husband Got to Use Makinis Oil Blend When my family and I went to Ecuador last April my husband got a sunburn on his nose, of all places, it was his nose that got hit. He liked to familiarize the streets around where we were staying and […]

What an exciting week I had to get Complete Health and Inspiration a place where you can be secured and protected while you visit. I’m also thrilled to let you know that we’ve set up a store for our first two products for you to try. There are still some […]

Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot decide what you want to do in life? You find yourself always starting, but never seem to finish anything. You knew you wanted to carry out something very important but you don’t know where to start, or how far you […]

Crocuses In Bloom   I could not contain my happiness when I saw flowers blooming again outside. You see, when you hear people announce, “It’s the first day of spring!” and you don’t see a single sign of proof that it is, it’s difficult to join in with the celebration. […]

  One early morning I woke up from a squeeze on my shoulder a kiss on the cheek and a voice from my husband saying, “You did a good job, Mommy – .” I just nodded and tried to get back to sleep. I wondered what brought him to wake […]

  After sometime of tossing and turning in bed my toddler decided we go to the rocking chair by the fireplace at five in the morning. Looking out from our bedroom door I could see the fire was dead. With our windows slightly opened I could hear the howling sound […]

  I can hear a pin drop in the house. Toddler sleeping, girls went swimming with Dad. Seldom I get to enjoy time all to myself. I ponder how last year ended and this year commenced. We just laid to rest my Mom’s older brother this week, after a long […]

Winter is almost over and we have exciting plans to prepare for springtime. Lots of them. As a mother of three very active children, there is always something new everyday. I can only hope for the best. My children love the snow and don’t mind spending hours outside under the […]