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Frozen Dreams

Winter is almost over and we have exciting plans to prepare for springtime. Lots of them. As a mother of three very active children, there is always something new everyday. I can only hope for the best.

My children love the snow and don’t mind spending hours outside under the snowflakes. It was raining and windy today but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the wind blowing their hair with only long-sleeved shirts, pants and slippers – hanging out by our front door.

Winter doesn’t stop my children to go for a swim or ask for their favorite blackberry popsicle. Regardless of the weather their ideas for fun never run out. I have to learn from them.

I love fun! Who doesn’t? Somehow I see my Dad’s funny character in me. He always saw the mirth in any situation, and if he didn’t, he would create it. He passed away twenty years ago this year, and remembering him still makes me smile.

I wasn’t a good eater growing up, but I didn’t remember to refuse my food when my Dad was the one who prepared it. He could always create a sumptuous meal from scratch. I remembered him making balls of rice on the side of my plate. And regardless of the dish, he always made the meal exciting with his vibrant stories.

Now that I have children of my own, I could understand how difficult it is to prepare food for picky eaters. As adventurous as they are with play, they have differences with food preferences. The one who eats mushroom doesn’t like ginger and the one who likes ginger doesn’t eat mushroom. But both would compromise if I blend them to their favorite dish.

We all have faced difficulties in life trying to balance what is of value and most important within and around us.  Sometimes the struggle is too tough it is difficult to see the brighter side. We may have experienced pain and difficulties in the past that made us stop pursuing our dreams but there is still hope.

Here are 3 tips to start with that can melt the cages of your frozen dreams:

1.) Spend time with the little ones. You’ll find out it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Let the children’s laughter awaken the slumbering seeds of curiosity deep within you. Everything seems to look exciting when you see things in the eyes of a child. Not so that the dream becomes real, but because you approach it with a more positive attitude.

2.) Face your fear. Write down what’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams. Analyze what is real and what is imaginary hindrance that is stopping you from living the life you have always wanted. Reflect on the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

3.) Act on the Opportunity.  Everyday is a present. But you’ll never find out what’s inside a gift if you just stare at the packaging. Like a cake with a beautiful frosting, sometimes it’s tempting not to touch it to keep its beauty. But you’re missing the opportunity to describe how it tastes for others to try. Today is the opportunity, imagine how you want it to end by working your way at the beginning.

Winter may give us frozen dreams but the burning desire within to bring them to reality can melt away our doubts and unbelief. It’s up to us to look for that source of inspiration to keep us moving forward.

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I am a BSN-RN by profession, wife of a Physical Therapist and a mom of three wonderful children. I have worked as a nurse in various health-care settings and have met people from different walks of life. I enjoy putting my thoughts into words, documenting life events and sharing with others lessons I've learned along life's journey. I like to learn from and inspire others to grow to the fullest potential there is possible.

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