One early morning I woke up from a squeeze on my shoulder a kiss on the cheek and a voice from my husband saying, “You did a good job, Mommy – .” I just nodded and tried to get back to sleep. I wondered what brought him to wake me up like that. He knew better I needed as much sleep as I could get since I had been up late these past few days. The kids were still sound asleep and squinting my eyes, I saw my husband pulled off from the computer and left the room. I sighed, another interrupted sleep.

Then I remembered the night before my husband asked me how I was doing with putting up Complete Health and Inspiration. I told him I published another article, At the Break of Dawn. He probably just read it early that morning. He could just have left a comment on the site instead of waking me up! (That made me laugh inside.)

I don’t usually tell my husband what I had been through in my daily activities at home. He has his share of trouble at work and I’d rather talk about positive things when he gets back. Well, at least reading that article would have convinced him I really needed to get more sleep!

I slowly got out of bed and went back to the computer. I’m surprised how I could stay awake when I’m visiting Complete Health and Inspiration. It’s like meeting someone who I can always talk to and open my heart with. I didn’t expect a lot of people visiting the site since it has just been out less than a week.

Not knowing what to write and tell to “my friend” that early morning, I decided to check the statistic views of the website. I saw there was almost 1,000 views within six days since it was first launched. See screenshot below:

Screenshot (2)

My Mom was the only one I called the next day to check out the site of Complete Health and Inspiration after I posted it for public view. All the while I thought she was the only one following it. Well, I was secretly hoping not many people would witness the bloopers I did in putting it up.

When I decided to put up a personal blog I had little knowledge how it would be done. My husband asked what does blog mean and I replied, “an internet word.” All I wanted was to find sense in the daily events in life, put it in writing and share it with others, hoping it could inspire them to press forward when they find themselves stuck in their present situation.

There were two people very close to my heart who decided to put an end to their lives, and I wasn’t there to tell them there is hope. One I used to babysit for about a week when I was in fourth grade. They were very young, and have decided that they had enough.

Sometime in our lives we may have experienced the weight of a burden too difficult to bear that would leave us paralyze for a moment. We look around and see others wrapped in their own affairs and think it’s too much hassle to ask them for help. The trouble is too heavy  that we could only look down – we may gaze down, but our hearts can look up.

For deep-seated trouble, Mack McGinnis has this to say, “If your trouble is deep-seated and long-standing, try kneeling.”

Sometimes we just need a reminder to redirect our vision to the Healer of our wounds instead of focusing on the pain. He is in the process of honing our imperfections to reflect His light in our countenance. We are a work in progress, and as long as we have breath, we have hope.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone to create something inspiring out of this website. If there is anything I can do to make Complete Health and Inspiration more useful to others, I am open to any suggestions that would bring it close to its goals. After all, this too is a work in progress.

If there is one soul that would see light and find hope out of what he sees in Complete Health and Inspiration, all the difficulties I went through in setting it up would surely be worth it. And next time my husband sees it, I may get another kiss on the cheek – (wink).

I hope the video below could awaken the childlike trust in the heart of its viewer, just like it did in mine.

About Jiji

I am a BSN-RN by profession, wife of a Physical Therapist and a mom of three wonderful children. I have worked as a nurse in various health-care settings and have met people from different walks of life. I enjoy putting my thoughts into words, documenting life events and sharing with others lessons I've learned along life's journey. I like to learn from and inspire others to grow to the fullest potential there is possible.

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