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Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot decide what you want to do in life? You find yourself always starting, but never seem to finish anything. You knew you wanted to carry out something very important but you don’t know where to start, or how far you are now from obtaining your goal.

Do you even know what is your goal in life? What do you want to be and why? You ask a toddler what he wants to be when he grows up and most likely he would tell you he wants to be just like his Dad. If it’s a girl, she would probably say she wants to be just like her Mom. In some cases he or she wants to be the superhero or heroine of a favorite storybook or movie.

When you go through school, each grade level you get exposed to different fields of work. You form admiration for people who are doing well in their profession, and think you could be like them too. As you learn new skills you get to find the work where you could be good at. You look forward to graduation when you could finally get close to entering the door of the “real world.”

Graduation comes and still you cannot decide if you should go ahead to take further studies or get a good paying job offered to you. Should you do both or take the next flight out, to  explore the world you dreamed about when you were busy with your hectic schedule in school? Could it be more difficult from here?

I had been in the same circumstance. I had to make a mind shift from what I want to become, to what role I want to partake in life to make a difference in the world. Take time out and look at what is your passion in life, what is your priority, what is the problem you want to end and how you can be a part to its solution. Lay out your plan on how to meet your goal, then pursue it.

I find it easier to put my thoughts and feelings into words than talk about them verbally. I found my passion in writing. However, I ended up taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing and found myself having to communicate with different people, whether they be my clients, my colleagues or my superiors.

I learned that I can effectively do my role as a nurse if I know how to say the right words at the right time with the right person. I also learned that sometimes, it is best not to say anything at all, but my presence can make a big difference to someone in need, even if all I have to do is hold the person’s hand.

I got married and have kids, and now have to take a good look at what is my priority. How should I spend my time to accommodate everything that’s important to me? I know my family needs me, but I also would like to contribute to help build a better community. I would like to tell someone he is not alone, he can overcome his trials and he can hope for a better tomorrow.

I took a trip with my family to Ecuador and had been gone for at least two weeks. We were there when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake happened last April 16, 2016. An update from CNN World news as of April 23, Saturday, reported 654 deaths; 12,492 injured; 58 people stay missing and 26,091 victims still in shelters.

I saw how people in Ecuador do what they could to raise funds to help their fellowmen, from  a small town to bigger cities. In whatever little way one can do to help, it would always add up and can make a big difference to reach a common goal. When there is an opportunity for you to share what you have to aid the earthquake victims in Ecuador, please do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sign posted by a door of a retail store in Ecuador.

Help from Vilcabamba 1

Fundraising going-on outside a church in Vilcabamba.

Help from Vilcabamba 2

Goods ready to deliver for the earthquake victims from Vilcabamba.

Help from Vilcabamba 3

Beauty queens spearheaded fundraising in Loja.


Queen of Loja led street fundraising for earthquake victims.

Queen of Loja 2016

People flocked a fundraising campaign for earthquake victims in Cuenca.

Cuenca Fundraising

Goods for shipment gathered during fundraising in Cuenca.

Cuenca Goods

I am grateful for my family’s experience during our trip to South America. I have plans to carry out and goals to pursue to realize a dream. It is my hope that the lessons I’ve learned will shed some light and make someone’s journey to his ambition more meaningful.

About Jiji

I am a BSN-RN by profession, wife of a Physical Therapist and a mom of three wonderful children. I have worked as a nurse in various health-care settings and have met people from different walks of life. I enjoy putting my thoughts into words, documenting life events and sharing with others lessons I've learned along life's journey. I like to learn from and inspire others to grow to the fullest potential there is possible.

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